EDGE Talks to Christina Fischer - Christina Fischer is a creative and passionate individual from Denmark that has thought of an innovative idea to upcycle leather goods and repurpose them to make trans-seasonal bags.  These bags will not only go with everything you own but also last and gives this discarded leather a longer life cycle [keeping it out of the landfill].  The CHRISTINA FISCHER bags are not only creatively crafted, but their minimalistic design make them versatile and the perfect fashion accessories.  Staying true to her Scandinavian roots, Christina provides a minimal yet aesthetically pleasing look to her products and brand that attracts eco-conscious yet style conscious individuals.   


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LINES MANNER - Recycled minimalism "She values quality, choosing fine and sustainable fashion materials. She opts for recycled leather, therefore taking part in a most respectable concepts: Eco-friendly fashion. Furthermore, all of her creations are handcrafted in Denmark. Upon receiving this oversized suede bumbag, I understood by the quality of the materials and design that this artist truly keeps her promises."


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Ziito - Sustainable Design "We found Christina Fischer's bumbags on Instagram and instantly fell for them! Her eye for new styles and her sustainable approach makes her a very interesting upcoming designer" 




Modest Nobility - Introducing designer: CHRISTINA FISCHER "A concept more than a label; CHRISTINA FISCHER aims to create a new way of artisanal craftsmanship with the ultimate goal of a sustainable and responsible fashion industry"




Minimal Magazine  - VOLUME 1 SPRING/SUMMER 2015 “We are excited to introduce the very first issue of MINIMAL magazine, the Women's Fashion issue. Inside features the latest collections from a range of upcoming and niche, contemporary designers including Danielle Foster and Oh Seven Days as well as a showcase of unmissable minimalist accessory brands such as our cover feature and luxury leather goods designer, Christina Fischer.” 



Gritstyle - Christina Fischer: Modern & Sustainable Fashion in Black & White. “Here’s to every brand making its own special effort to be ethical. There really is so much out there, so much variety. Really, no excuses! Options are pretty limitless these days in fashion. Yep, there’s something to the movement. Our latest find in the realm of do no harm, artisanal craftsmanship?” 




ECOCULT - Sustainable and Ethical fashion I found this month "Christina Fischer is a new sustainably-minded label out of Denmark which upcycles and redesigns leather to create androgynous and minimalistic fashion solutions for conscious minded people." 




Study 34 - Sustainability in fashion, will you make the cut? “Christina Fischer is a Scandinavian leather accessory brand. With the life cycle of each product at the heart of their design ethos, old leather jackets are deconstructed and re-imagined into minimalist accessories – and study 34 loves their androgynous style.” 




My Shopping Spy - Sustainable Fashion: The Brands Making a Difference.“For those that love Scandinavian design and all things minimal, take a look at Christina Fischer who uses recycled leather in her collections. She launched her eponymous line just last month, and sources leather that is already in circulation and has outlived its original purpose, giving them a new life whilst reducing waste.” 




SCANDINAVIALIST – Recycled Minimalism “I am therefore very excited to be able to present such a talented and persistent up-and-coming Scandinavian designer, that not only have a profound attention to details but also an eager will to improve the ever-increasing impact the consumer-society has on our environment. She's picked a fight against fast fashion, one she is set out to win. Her strength lies in the recycling of materials, her timeless design, high-quality craftsmanship and her passion for slow fashion.” 




Love by Kim B - “Christina Fischer knows the combo between sustainable fashion and gorgeous aesthetics – with all her styles being made in Denmark. Whilst these bags looks fab they are also consciously designed, not only with redesigned leather but also with organic cotton interior and eco-friendly tags.” 




Love by Kim B - “An exciting collaboration started yesterday in the studio with the Danish designer Christina Fischer- maybe you guys remember my previous post with her fab bumbags. I’m very honored to be her face for S/S15 and can’t wait to see the images when she launch her brand in February!” 




Love by Kim B - “1st of January and starting off 2015 with a new fave Danish designer. Christina Fischer will launch her brand during February and starts off with her amazing bumbags in recycled leather and suede. Pure handicraft where a minimal and edgy aesthetic goes hand in hand with sustainable values.” 




Moi Minnie – “Take a look at the bag I’m wearing. Gorgeous, right? Beautiful, pitch black smooth leather with silver hardware details. Handcrafted with an impeccable attention to detail. Minimal. On trend. Very versatile. And guess what? Made entirely out of recycled leather.” 




Still With You - “A practical bumbag for when you need your hands free, by Danish designer Christina Fischer. Made by hand from recycled leather, with contrasting black leather and silver hardware.”