A concept more than a label; CHRISTINA FISCHER aims to create a new way of artisanal craftsmanship with the ultimate goal of a sustainable and responsible fashion industry. With a minimalistic aesthetic and a forte of working with leather in up-cycling and redesign, CHRISTINA FISCHER works determined to create androgynous sustainable fashion solutions, for conscious minded people. Staying true to her Scandinavian roots and minimalistic approach makes her creations trans-seasonal with longevity and life cycle in mind. 

Using upcycled leather in her collection, she allows leather that is already in circulation and has outlived its original purpose, to get a new life whilst reducing waste. Each particular leather garment has been sourced from charity shops all around Europe. By supplementing her upcycled creations with GOTS certified organic cotton and eco-friendly branding and packaging, she takes her label one step closer towards her goal of a more sustainable fashion industry.

With a background in graphic design and more than 12 years of experience working with upcycled fashion, Christina Fischer established her namesake label in 2013, and launched her first collection in February 2014. Christina Fischer herself is hands on in every single part of the process – from designing to producing. Every piece is handcrafted in Denmark, Scandinavia, with the highest of standards in materials and aesthetics.